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Your local consultant will have a detailed call, finding out all important elements of the relocation specific your move.      Following on from this call, the consultant will be able to focus in quickly on house types, areas, schooling, infrastructure and community matching your wishes.

Initial Research

Property Finder: Rental Services

Dream Move Relocation are here to assist you in finding your dream home. We have a number of tailored programmes to save you time, money and stress when moving to your new home.

Our property finder programmes are managed by our local and experienced relocation consultants that will be with you throughout the process.

Below is a detailed break down of the services Dream Move provide as well as available packages for individuals and companies relocating employees.


Area Orientation Day

Looking to encompass many areas in your search for the right house or unfamiliar with possible areas to relocate?

Our tours initially help identify areas matching your wishes. Local facilities, schooling, community as well as transport options and many other relevant aspects to the move are all considered and advised upon.

An orientation can also help manage expectations of what housing can be achieved for budgets discussed.

Utilising industry contacts and online research we schedule a day of property viewings matching the criteria advised. This usually ranges from 8 – 10 properties per day, dependent on availability of the client/s criteria.

On the day you will be chauffeur driven by your consultant, accompany you on the property viewings. as well as advising on the local area and other important elements when visiting each property identified. 

Viewing Day(s)
Property Recommendations

As independent consultants, we provide an unbiased view on the properties viewed and identify any potential issues with the property.

This is a particularly invaluable part of the assistance, as the agent is acting for the landlord they will only highlight the positives at the property viewing.

Our consultants have the knowledge and understanding to negotiate the best deal possible to save you money and help get improvements on the property if required. The consultants also manage the negotiation process in writing end to end to ensure both clarity and transparency.

Deal Negotiation

The complicated process of referencing and administration is overseen by the consultant to ensure everything is compliant and smooth.

Your consultant will also review the tenancy agreement prior to signing to safeguard from any hidden financial commitments or unfair bias towards the landlord.

 Move In Management

Conducted on the day of move in a condition report of any damages to the property that already exist are recorded and sent to the landlord / managing agent.

The condition report is valuable at the end of the tenancy to negotiate any disputes. Further to this the utility readings are also recorded and advised to the respective utility companies to save the client further time and paperwork.

Deposit Safeguarding

We offer a bespoke ‘Settling-in Service’ aimed to assist wherever helps needed. Some of the common areas including: medical registration, opening bank accounts, currency exchange, utility set up and introductions to local groups and facilities to meet like minded people in your new neighbourhood. 

Settling in Assistance


We appreciate its not always possible to view in person so there are options for a virtual viewing service also. 

 In this service the consultant will view on your behalf before providing a comprehensive and independent photographic or video report on the property and surrounding areas.


Property Finding Services

Full Accompanied Service/s

Vital for a successful relocation this allows for our consultants to accompany those relocating on sourcing, arranging and viewing properties. Designed around you our consultants utilise their experience and network  to find, support and guide the property matching their requirements. 

Includes Initial Research, Viewing Day, Property Recommendations, Deal Negotiation, Referencing and Move-in Management, Deposit Safeguarding.

Full Unaccompanied Service/s

We appreciate those relocating can not always visit to view properties matching their requirements. Due to this, we carry out detailed independent video tours of properties matching your wishes as well as detailed overviews of the surrounding areas. 


Includes Initial Research, Unaccompanied Viewing Day, Property Recommendations, Deal Negotiation, Referencing and Inventory Safeguarding

Additional day of property finding and other relocation services available on request. 


Area Orientation Days

Includes a comprehensive and informative accompanied service showing what an area has to offer before committing to finding a property. A selection of property types will be viewed to preview options as well as advising on transport connections, community feel, schooling, supermarkets and much more. 


Settling in Assistance

A key service ensuring our clients have all the support they need to settle into their new location. Often includes areas such as new bank accounts, introduction to social networks, setting up utility accounts, registering with medical professionals and much more. 

Dream Move appreciate each client’s requirement is unique so in order to have a better understanding of your wishes, please feel free to complete the below.

We will then call you at your preferred time for an initial, no obligation discussion.

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