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Moving to Chester: The guide of all guides

Below is a general introduction to Chester / Cheshire life and the areas to consider before relocating to Chester. The essential areas such as property, schooling, infrastructure and social community are all detailed in brief for you to review.

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What’s not to love in Cheshire, with stunning architecture, rolling countryside and amazing properties to choose from its easy to see why many call it home. With approximately 120,000 people living in Chester and close to 350,000 within the Cheshire region it is situated close to the UK and Welsh border. The City itself is different to most with the preservation of the Roman roads, amphitheatres and buildings still in place making the City a hotspot for tourism. In terms of employment, there are strong job prospects and a skilled workforce with the University of Chester based in the City which is well respected for its law courses.

As for living in Chester, property prices for the City Centre are less than that of Manchester for both buying and renting. However, if you look at the Cheshire region as a whole then the average is a little more expensive due to what the region offers by way of beautiful villages and towns.  If you choose to live in Chester then you wont be disappointed with good housing, good property, great selection of schools and a beautiful City itself.

Property in Cheshire

The Cheshire property market is more expensive when compared to nearby Manchester and Liverpool with an average 3-bedroom house being approximately £192,000. However, if you prefer to rent then it will be approximately £750 - £800 per month for a 2-bedroom property and £910 - £1000 for a 3-bedroom property. In terms of furnishings, the majority of

properties in the City Centre are furnished whereas in the suburbs properties tend to be unfurnished.


As for properties in Chester City Centre, these are varied with some converted apartments from the old mills and other apartments being purpose built over the last ten to fifteen years. As for living in the nearby villages and towns of Chester then there is a range of housing to suit all budgets due to the amount of villages to choose from.

When it comes on deciding where to live the City Centre is popular with working professionals and students. The centre is predominantly made up of one and two bedroom apartments with some terraced housing close to Chester walls. Dependent on the lifestyle you wish and budget available there are some new developments near Chester Racecourse (The Residence) as well as a selection near Chester train station (Granary Wharf, The Quarter).

As for those wishing to live outside the City, it tends to be mainly housing within the respective towns and villages. These are often popular with families due to the size of the properties, good schooling and outdoor activities available. In terms of popular areas Christleton, Knutsford, Hoole and Lymm are all popular for those living or relocating to the Cheshire suburbs. 

Schools & Education 


Cheshire is well known for its good state schools as well as their independent and private schools too. There are state schools within a short distance of Cheshire’s suburbs and for private or independent schooling options there will be a selection in the more expensive suburbs. In terms of the City Centre, there are some very good schools close to the City Centre some of which are independent and some state run. When applying for state schools many of those rated good or outstanding can be oversubscribed so ensure you do your

research when planning your relocation to Chester.

Some of the high ranking schools close to the City are The Queens School, The Kings School and The Firs. For those preferring to live in the Cheshire suburbs then there are a range of amazing schools in which further research can be done by clicking the hyperlink.

The University in Chester has a good reputation and specialises in specific areas such as Law. In terms of size, it cannot compete with the likes of Manchester and Liverpool due to the much smaller population within Chester.

Infrastructure & Connectivity

Chester is well connected locally and nationally with nearby motorways and trains regularly connecting you to the UKs larger cities. In terms of internationally, you have Manchester Airport and Liverpool John Lennon Airport approximately 45 minutes’ drive away. From an international perspective Manchester airport flies to Europe and all major cities to the East and West and Liverpool will fly to the majority of Europe also.

As for the Cheshire region it has a good rail system which is linked to the towns and a selection of the villages. As for the smaller villages these are still well connected via the bus services available which link you to the nearby towns.

Community Feel 

While Cheshire is well known for its rolling hills and the City is known for its great architecture and restaurants it’s easy to understand why Cheshire is so popular. The locals are friendly and welcoming and all will be willing to share some hidden delights in the Cheshire hills which is great for lunch after a walk.

In the summer months, the City of Chester also hosts Chester races which can be a great day out when the sun is shining. With 15 scheduled race meetings over the year and tickets reasonably priced it is well worth visiting. If it’s a family day you prefer then you have the likes of Tatton Park in Knutsford, Chester Zoo and the Cheshire Ice Cream Farm all nearby.

Business in Cheshire

Cheshire has attracted both national and multinational businesses and in particular those who require large operative space. With national companies such as The Emerson Group as well as global companies such as Bentley and Essar Oil choosing to base their UK headquarters here.


Chester and the Cheshire region is a beautiful City to live and work, particularly for families. With a beautiful City Centre, reasonably priced property , good schools and a pleasant community its easy to understand why many choose to relocate to Cheshire. property, good schools and a pleasant community many choose to relocate to Cheshire.


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