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DreamMove Relocation are here to assist you in sourcing your Dream Home. 


We have a number of tailored programmes to save you time, money and stress when purchasing a property.


Our purchasing  property sourcing programmes are managed by our experienced relocation consultants.  Assisting you from the beginning of the process to the very end; when you are settled into your new home.

Below is a detailed - step by step - break down and description of the property sourcing services we provide; our packages are available for individuals and companies relocating employees.


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Initial Research
Area Orientation Day
Viewing Day(s)
Property Recommendations
Deal Negotiation
 Conveyancing Management
Settling in Assistance

Pricing for Purchase Sourcing Services:

£695.00              Fixed Accompanied service. Including: Initial Research, Viewing Day, Property Recommendations. 

1%                      End to End Full accompanied Including the above and Negotiation, introductory to solicitor and                                             Mortgage broker Conveyancing Management, settling in assistance.

£395.00              For each additional day of property viewings if required.

£295.00              For Area Orientation days

£250.00              Settling in Assistance

There are  options for an unaccompanied programme, where the consultant will not be there in person during the property viewing day but he will assist remotely.

If you would like to find out more information about our services please send us a message in the contact form below...

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